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Welcome to Fenna Blomsma – new junior professor for Circular Economy and Systems Innovation!

02. Dezember 2019 FB SozÖk

Von Sebastian Späth

Today Fenna Blomsma (PhD) will start as Junior Professor for Business Administration with a focus on Circular Economy and Systems Innovation (tenure-track). Fenna Blomsma is interested in circularity as a broader discourse around the outcomes, selection and execution of various waste and resource strategies, and in exploring how people give meaning to and shape these strategies within value chains, as well as between value chains and the broader institutional context. Most recently, she worked in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Fenna Blomsma was part of the research project CIRCit (Circular Economy Integration in the Nordic Industry for Enhanced Sustainability and Competitiveness), which develops science-based methods and tools in close collaboration with companies in the Nordic region. Before, she did doctoral research at the Centre for Environmental Policy (Imperial College London). Her PhD thesis was entitled “Making Sense of Circular Economy”. Fenna Blomsma completed a second MSc in Sustainable Manufacturing at Cranfield University in 2012, after graduating with a BSc in Industrial Design Engineering and an MSc in Design for Interaction (both earned from Delft University of Technology).

Important publications:

  • Blomsma, F., Pieroni, M., Kravchenko, M., Pigosso, D.C.A., Hildenbrand, J., Kristinsdottir, A.R., Kristoffersen, E., Shahbazi, S., Nielsen, K.D., Jönbrink, A.-K., Li, J., Wiik, C., McAloone, T.C., 2019. Developing a circular strategies framework for manufacturing companies to support circular economy-oriented innovation. J. Clean. Prod. 241, 118271.
  • Blomsma, F., 2018. Collective ‘action recipes’ in a circular economy – On waste and resource management frameworks and their role in collective change. J. Clean. Prod. 199, 969–982.
  • Blomsma, F., Brennan, G., 2017. The Emergence of Circular Economy: A New Framing Around Prolonging Resource Productivity. J. Ind. Ecol. 21.
  • Blomsma, Fenna; Kjær, Louise Laumann; Pigosso, Daniela Cristina Antelmi; McAloone, Tim C.; Lloyd, Stafford (2018): Exploring Circular Strategy Combinations – towards Understanding the Role of PSS, in: Procedia CIRP

The department welcomes Fenna Blomsma.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Späth, spokesperson of the Department of Socioeconomics